“Global Good” refers to not only improved living standards, but also a general sense of well-being. Operating internationally, United Bunkering is committed to the global good of individuals and of society. Individuals are people whom we are dealing with and interacting with regularly which includes all stakeholders, shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees. Society being the local communities and countries around the globe. We are committed the global excellence not only for today, but also for the future.


Our values includes Vision, Reliability, Diversification, Passion and Challenge. These fundamental values are integral to us in fulfilling our Mission. United Bunkering LLC – Philosophy and Code of Conduct The United Bunkering Code of Ethics applies to each and every one of us. It is based on the company’s philosophy and values. Continuous and regular self-test on our values is being implemented to assess our daily actions. If we work and make decisions based on United Bunkering values, not only abiding by our Code of Ethics, but we are also ensuring our future growth and success.


United Bunkering has stayed ahead of times, envisioning people’s futures, expanding businesses and overcoming difficulties to grow and develop. With Vision, we mean creating a roadmap for ongoing development for the future, proposing new ideas, and showing concrete action. Regardless of position, each of us will execute the Vision value by specifying our ideas and motivating others to take action, even if it is just a suggestion for a small improvement in daily operations. With this VISION, we are staying ahead of time, forecasting risks and takings measures, contributing to the creation of the sustainable society and actively addressing the global environment. The growth of our business contributes towards creation of sustainable society. To ensure that our current business will endure over the long term and remain crucial presence in society, we will value dialogue with our stakeholders and work to integrate with communities. As part of this, we will ensure the usefulness and safety of our products and services and enhance quality. We will never provide service or product if it is found to be detrimental, even if there is a demand for it. We take active measures to protect the environment and prevent environmental pollution. Our everyday operations are constantly re-evaluated, restructured and improved with new technology and knowledge to actively develop environmental-friendly products and services.


Everybody is involved. Whether it is negotiating deals, handling accounting matters, or filing paper works, we are one. We do our jobs and responsibilities diligently. Being consistent and honest are values treasured by United Bunkering company. Trust in the United Bunkering company is a culmination of the words and actions of each and every one of us. Even if no one is looking, and even if no rules exists, we think about what is right and act accordingly. Simply complying with the law is not enough; we are expected to apply a strong sense of ethics to our daily


Learning and following all laws and international regulations that are relevant to our activities is a solid premise for conducting business. It is important to avoid becoming complacent about precedents and industry practices; we must think about what is right when taking action by checking the purpose and objectives of rules. Having a strong sense of ethics applies even if there are no clear rules, not only in work but also in everyday life. This protects each and every one of us as individuals as well as our families, company and organization. It also leads to gaining the trust of those around us.

Trading fairly

Ensuring fair and free competition is a ground rule of the market economy. We comply with this rule as we conduct business activities around the globe. We will never obstruct competition through illicit means nor develop inappropriate relationships, such as those public officials, for our own interest. We will also confront antisocial force and groups with strong resolve.


In addition to disclosure as required by laws and regulations, we feel that it is important to be accountable by providing and disclosing company’s information to stakeholders when necessary. This enhances our transparency as a company. We will be conscious of how our company activities influence society and engage in accurate and fair disclosure.


This helps us to create the best solution possible. Discussing ideas generated through diverse perspectives makes it possible to reach a better solution that just working with like-minded employees in similar positions who have spent years in the same type of environment. Accepting people from a variety of backgrounds and listening to them also helps us to respond to the various needs of an increasingly diverse range of customers. It is crucial to our everyday work that we listen to the ideas and opinions of others, leverage their ideas and consider them as options. The achievement of Diversification starts with us.

Respecting human rights and individuality

We value the rights and individuality of each person. We show respect and are attentive to others regardless of gender, race, religion, or position. We do not discuss matters that cause discomfort; we do not discriminate or harass; we respect basic labor rights and eliminate forced labor and child labor.

Creating result through Diversification

Diversification is achieved through our conscious actions everyday. It starts with regular asking, considering, and accepting the opinions of different people in our everyday work, rather than just on special occasions. To create optimal results, we will consciously and strategically leverage the ideas of those who differ from us, in terms of gender, age and work style. We do believe that Diversification is successfully achieved in a workplace where everyone can engage in work with motivation and free will.


Excellent results are achieved when Passion is strong. Working with passion means working diligently no matter how difficult the situation is, and using all one’s knowledge and capabilities to see project to its end. When we take ownership and initiative for our work, many ideas are easily formed. Passion leads to positive thinking and enhances our motivation to overcome any obstacles that may arise. Passion touches the hearts of those around us, regardless of our position and scale of work and is the dynamic force that drives United Bunkering company forward.
We are seriously committed to each other and to our mutual growth, all the more because we are striving to achieve the same Mission. By showing interest in those around us and working with passion, we come together as a team, enabling us to share our dreams and excitement. Our foremost responsibility is to create results with our work and grow as a corporation. Each and every one of us is motivated from start to finish to ensure the profitability of our trades and projects.


There is no guarantee that the road will be smooth when undertaking new endeavors. It’s important to move to the future with clear intentions to succeed no matter how difficult the path. Doing away with old stereotypes and developing ourselves, embracing new ways of thinking and forging ahead – this is what challenge is all about. If our work processes and mindsets are simply an extension of old customs and practices, it’s time to consciously consider and integrate new options. When we identify what should be changed and incorporate challenge in our approach and action, new methods and ideas will emerge. When each one of us takes on Challenge daily, whether starting a new trade/project, tackling a difficult
problem, improving an everyday task, gaining new knowledge or brushing up techniques, the United Bunkering company takes another step forward.