About United Bunkering LLC

United Bunkering LLC is a pure bunkering company registered in the Sultanate of Oman. The company will be
delivering physical bunker supply to various ships calling Omani Ports.
Newly established in 2021, the company is working with a physical bunker supplier from UAE, delivering by
barge into Oman ports since 2019 and had a good reputation among its counterparties worldwide.
The new company’s founders has been in various businesses in Oman and active in the participation in the
infrastructure projects and developments of the Sultanate of Oman. Having an active local presence, the
company has its advantage in its operational activities and offer tailor made marine services to compliment
their bunkering operations.
The team is composed of various professionals with extensive experience in the trading and shipping industry.
The extensive skills and experiences of the team are the key reasons for the company’s future success.

United Bunkering respects the individual, society and future in its Commitment to the Global Good

“Global Good” refers to not only improved living standards, but also a general sense of well-being. Operating internationally, United Bunkering is committed to the global good of individuals and of society.

Individuals are people whom we are dealing with and interacting with regularly which includes all stakeholders, shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees. Society being the local communities and countries around the globe.

We are committed the global excellence not only for today, but also for the future.


Our values includes Vision, Reliability, Diversification, Passion and Challenge. These fundamental values are integral to us in fulfilling our Mission.
The United Bunkering Code of Ethics applies to each and every one of us. It is based on the company’s philosophy and values.
Continuous and regular self-test on our values is being implemented to assess our daily actions. If we work and make decisions based on United Bunkering values, not only abiding by our Code of Ethics, but we are also ensuring our future growth and success.


Everybody is involved. Whether it is negotiating deals, handling accounting matters, or filing paper works, we are one. We do our jobs and responsibilities diligently. Being consistent and honest are values treasured by United Bunkering company.
Trust in the United Bunkering company is a culmination of the words and actions of each and every one of us. Even if no one is looking, and even if no rules exists, we think about what is right and act accordingly. Simply complying with the law is not enough; we are expected to apply a strong sense of ethics to our daily works.